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Newsletter, August 13, 2014

Chris Tomlinson book signing in Waco, Aug 25, 6:00 Genealogy Library

For those of you interested, Terry Downes called about the Genealogical Society of Waco to invite us to their next meeting. Chris Tomlinson will be speaking about his new book and will be there to speak and sign his book.

The Baylor Book Store manager is coordinating this effort. He asked Terry if Falls County would like to sponsor a book signing for Chris as well.

The book is controversial, and does stir hard feelings with some in Marlin and Falls County. However, it is not our position to judge. I would like to go to hear him and talk about a similar presentation here.

This might be a good thing to do at the Allen House.

Feedback desired:

1. Are you planning to go to Waco on August 25th?

2. Do you want to see a similar event here?

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