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Newsletter, August 27, 2014

6:00 PM, THURSDAY, AUGUST 7, 2014
First Methodist Church, Fellowship Hall, Marlin, Texas


Texas Historical Markers and Texas Historical Cemetery Markers

Trudie Asbury, Chairman of Falls County Historical Commission and Falls County Marker Chair will present new guidelines, applications, subject marker point system and historical research avenues to produce at least a five page narrative with footnotes and bibliography for your next historic cemetery or subject marker.

NOTE: At last meeting, we standardized our meeting time to 6:00 pm. Time of meetings are not in bylaws. However, so everyone can plan accordingly. 5:30 was too early for some, and 6:30 was too late for some. We will try the 6:00 to see how this time works for the majority.

I went to a Historical Marker Workshop in Lufkin last week, and now feel confident in presenting the new information. If you read the Texas Historical Commission web site on markers, it is all there. However, attending a show and tell helps to understand what the web site is saying. Also, have a great handout on historical research on the internet that was presented by Bob Brinkman, THC Historical Marker Coordinator. Hope Big Red Floats with Blue Bell vanilla ice cream will inspire all of you to attend.

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